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Ultra Specialty Coffee

What are ultra-specialty coffees? They are the best coffees in the world.

There is a system used by professionals to grade the taste of coffee that. It is called the Q Grade. For a coffee to be rated a specialty coffee it has to have a grade of 80 points or above. When a coffee reaches 80 to 85 points, it is a very select coffee that has been hand-picked ripe, processed correctly, and transported with care. It is the top 1% of the coffee produced in the world.

There is, however, another grade above. That is the 86-grade or higher that truly transports you into another dimension with aromas and flavors. These coffees are ultra-special and are what true coffee connoisseurs drink. They provide transcending flavors, complex and enjoyable. Truly one of the finest pleasures in life.

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Brazil Fazenda Jotoba - 12oz Bag
Hawaii Kona Prime - 12oz Bag
Kenya Doondu AA - 12oz Bag
Panama Bambito - 12oz Bag