Kenya Wanjengi AA - 5LB Bag
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Kenya Wanjengi AA - 5LB Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Wanjengi Co-Op Kenya

Process: Wet

Varietal: SL-28

Region: Meru

Product Description


Complexity of this lot of Wanjengi is apparent in the aromatics with a smell of grape, lemon grass, honey, and raisin coming up off the dry grounds. Deeper roasts have fresh ginger and spices, as well as many dried tropical fruits. This carries over in the wet aromatics, with deep sweetness of butter cream frosting, fruit pectin, Medjool dates and fig pudding. There's also a very appealing scent of fresh cut cedar in darker roasts. Kenya coffees have such great acidity, and it is apparent even when the cup is piping hot. There are layered notes of citrus, which are expressed in flavor and acidity. The creaminess of this coffee lingers on the pallet and goes from citrus zest to burned sugars in the long finish. Wanjengi is a great brewed coffee.