Panama Volcan Community Geisha Natural - Green Coffee Beans - 16oz Bag
Excellent Coffee
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I finally roasted up some of the beans and they were excellent and of high quality. I have been home roasting for 8 years. If I could afford these more often I would order them all the time.
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Panama Volcan Community Geisha Natural - Green Coffee Beans - 16oz Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Panama

Process: Natural dried on raised beds

Elevation: 1,662 to 2,000 Meters

Varietal: Geisha

Grade: 95

Region: Volcan

Cupping Notes: FLAVORS: "Toblerone" candy: honey-infused milk chocolate, floral, and toasted almond

Product Description


Grown by the Volcan Community of farmers. This coffee is fresh and was airfreighted in vacuumed packed bags.

This is  one of the highest grade coffee I have ever tasted. The sweetness is overt and floods the pallet. It has a confectionary sweetness that is quite unique and up front. The silky mouth feel is wonderful. While cupping this coffee I thought to myself "It is not like any coffee I have ever tasted. It is not even like drinking coffee, but something else with a mild coffee taste." The natural processing method leaves a mild flavor but in no way overpowers the pallet. The caffeine content is low and gives just a mild lift after a cup. This coffee is the kind of coffee that I can drink several cups of per day and continually enjoy each cup.