Hawaii Kona Prime - 12oz Bag
Was So Looking Forward
Tom Covo
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I was so looking forward to receiving my first taste of Hawaiian coffee. In the past I have tasted Jamaican Blue Mountain and real Colombian and Sumatra. In fact I ordered some Nicaraguan coffee at the same time I placed the order for the Hawaiian . I must be honest the Nicaraguan coffee was much fresher . It smelled and even looked fresher than the Hawaiian . The taste was good but not great for the Hawaiian and I cant but think that maybe I got a not so fresh batch . Anyway at least the packaging was good .
Thank you for your comments Tom. We are always concerned about freshness and take steps to ensure you receive the freshest coffee we can provide. We roast daily for every order that goes out the door. Your order for Kona was roasted the same day it shipped. We apologize for any taste differences you experienced.
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Hawaii Kona Prime - 12oz Bag

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Coffee Details

Location: Kona, Hawaii

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1500 - 2000 Feet

Varietal: Kona Typica

Grade: 88.5

Region: Big Island Hawaii

Cupping Notes: Sweet, tea, graham, mild fruit, round with light acidity, pleasant/satiny body, tea

Product Description


100% Hawaiian Kona Prime coffees is one of the most exceptional coffees in the world. We are proud to offer this exceptional American grown coffee.  There is a lot of Kona coffee out there but we are offering the highest grade of 100% Prime. Trade winds of the Big Island of Hawaii blow in the perfect conditions for growing premium coffee. High elevation, and rich volcanic soil along with rapidly changing winds that bring in hot and humid air, creating excellent climate for producing high quality coffee. These high-grown Arabica coffee beans slowly mature producing a distinct flavor profile that so many have come to enjoy.