Using a Press Pot | Pour-Over Brewing instructions | Coffee Brewing Ratio Chart

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    Pour-Over Brewing instructions

    Pour-Over is an easy way to make a good single cup of coffee. To get good results your will need quality freshly roasted coffee, the correct grind and filtered water.

  • Step One

    Rinse the Filter

    Place the cone on a waste cup, fold the filter at its seams and place it into the cone. Bring the water to just under a boil and pour it through the filter to rinse out the paper flavor and to preheat the cone. Allow the water to drain completely.

  • Step Two

    Grind the Coffee

    Grind the coffee to a drip grind, (medium-fine), with a quality burr grinder, not a blade grinder. We recommend 20 grams of coffee or 3 heaping tablespoons to make 8 oz. of brewed coffee. Add the coffee to the filter and place the cone on a fresh cup.

  • Step Three

    Heat Water and Pour

    Bring 10 oz. of water, (280 grams), to just under a boil, (200-205F). 2 oz. will be left in the grounds after brewing. Pour just enough water into the cone to saturate the grounds and allow them to bloom. After 15 seconds, slowly pour the rest of the water in a spiral to break down the bloom and to allow for even extraction. Do not pour on the sides of the filter.

    Once you have 8 oz. of brewed coffee in your cup quickly move the cone to the waste cup and allow it to drain.