African Coffees

Africa, the birthplace of coffee produces many coffees that must be tasted. From Ethiopia to Tanzania all the coffee producing countries in Africa are producing excellent coffees. With much traveling and searching we have found many African coffees that amaze us with their intensity and wonderful blueberry, lemon citrus, dried black cherry flavors. Come "Taste and see". African coffees are a journey for the palate that you will long to visit over and over again.

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Burundi Kavugangoma - 12oz Bag
Burundi Kavugangoma - 2LB Bag
Ethiopia Chuchu Grade 1 - 12oz Bag
Ethiopia Limu Ennaria - 12oz Bag
Ethiopia Limu Wolenso - 12oz Bag
Kenya Doondu AA - 12oz Bag
Kenya Wanjengi AA - 12oz Bag
Rwanda Kivu Kanzu - 12oz Bag