Kenya Tambaya AB - 12oz Bag
Kenya Tambaya AB
This is very nice coffee although roasted slightly darker than I prefer. It has a great aroma when ground and a full-bodied flavor when brewed (Aeropress). I will order again if it is available.
Bob Blakney
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Highly Recommend!
Awesome combination of flavors and one of the best Kenya coffees I've ever had! Great Job!
Michael Montante
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Kenya Tambaya AB - 12oz Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Tambaya Kenya

Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28

Region: Tambaya

Cupping Notes: Brown sugar, carmel, blackberry, grapefruit, Earl Grey

Product Description


When I received the sample of this coffee I liked it and brought it home because it was worthy to be in my very select morning home stash. All the coffees I have in the home stash are 88 to 92 points so Tambaya made the cut. I found myself going morning after morning for the Tambaya. The natural sweetness is wonderful and the high acidity makes this coffee special. What I really enjoyed was the finish. It has this very unique Earl Grey finish that just kept me reaching for this bag morning after morning.