Ethiopia Limu Wolenso - 5LB Bag
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Ethiopia Limu Wolenso - 5LB Bag



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Coffee Details

Location: Ethiopia

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1,900 Meters

Grade: 86

Region: Limu

Cupping Notes: Sweet, lemon zest, fresh herbs, melon, cane sugar, ginger, spice, lively acidity, silky body

Product Description


This is a combination of coffees from a lot of small farms delivered to a primary cooperative in Western Ethiopia called Wolenso. Because new quality control, Wolenso is producing better coffee and income is up for the farmers. They are increasing the volume of coffee they are producing and processing and have managed to pay off the loan that they got for their wet mill after one year! It always makes me feel good to see farmers rising up together in unity to raise their income and standard of living. I bought this coffee not just because I like the lemon zest and the nice thin body, but it is an overall nice coffee with a reasonable price.