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Ethiopia Organic Tencho Cooperative - 12oz Bag
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Ethiopia Organic Tencho Cooperative - 12oz Bag



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Coffee Details

Location: Ethiopia

Process: Wet Process

Varietal: Heirloom

Grade: 90

Region: Ethiopia Limu Inara

Product Description


Tencho is a well organized co-op. Process batches are clearly marked in a clean warehouse. The fermentation tanks are clean and good repair. They have been doing a great job turning out quality coffee over the last few years.

Tencho is an excellent coffee for drip brewing but also its low acidity makes it an excellent single origin expresso shot. The dry ground coffee has lightly caramelized sugar, and slight floral citrus reminiscent of the sweetness of satsuma mandarins. Adding hot water the aromatic profile has a beautiful floral aspect of honeysuckle in light roasts, with mild Meyer lemon-like scent as well. The cup is delicious. Ripe fruit, with distinct citrus accent, sweet lemon, creamed honey, a dusting of bittersweet chocolate powder, refined roast taste, lightest roast has floral citrus, slight jasmine.