Kenya Doondu AA - Green Coffee Beans - 16oz Bag
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Kenya Doondu AA - Green Coffee Beans - 16oz Bag



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Coffee Details

Location: Kenya

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1700 Meters

Varietal: SL 28

Grade: 91.5

Region: Kenya, Nyeri Region

Product Description


This Kenya Lot is from the Kirimahiga Cooperative that has 800 farmers as members growing on the foothills of Mt. Kenya in Murang's County near Nyeri.  This small lot was selected before it could be mixed with lower grade coffees and it cupped so spectacular that I was excited to purchase it. I have been exclusively drinking if for days!

Clean citrus notes, dark fruits, black cherry and caramelized sugars are what this Doondu lot is all  about.  On the break a scent of blackberry tea comes forth. Clean with a wonderful acidity of crisp fruit flavors, tart stone fruit, nectarine, with dark berry preserves.