Brazil Cerrado - 12oz Bag
A great cup of coffee! Full of flavor
Josh Jordan
Loved it - rich, hints of chocolate, almonds and honey. Slight citric acid at the end. Can't go back to normal coffee after drinking this. My favorite Mt. Whitney coffee.
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Brazil Cerrado - 12oz Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Brazil

Process: Natural

Varietal: Catuai

Grade: 88

Region: Cerrado

Cupping Notes: Nutty, peanut butter, melon, low acidity, balanced, smooth finish

Product Description

Brazil is the largest coffee producing nation in the world.  However, much of the coffee produced is from low-grade machine harvested commercial crops, so in the ultra specialty coffee world, Brazil has a bad reputation.  Luckily, this Cerrado breaks the mold.

Traditional, nutty, Brazilian flavor with low acidity makes this coffee a winner.  Taste and see!™