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Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Bambu Geisha Natural Organic - 12oz Bag
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Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Bambu Geisha Natural Organic - 12oz Bag



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Coffee Details

Location: Panama

Process: Natural dried on raised beds

Elevation: 1,662 to 2,000 meters

Varietal: Geisha

Grade: 95

Region: Bouquet

Cupping Notes: "Toblerone" candy: honey-infused milk chocolate, and toasted almond.

Product Description


Farm Description:

Farming coffee is a lifestyle in many different ways. Mainly it depends on the farmer’s spirit, call it the coffee spirit. Coming from a family that belonged to the founders of Boquete village more than 100 years ago, Graciano has always been surrounded by coffee.

Graciano has a lifelong passion for agricultural science. Every day he is learning something new about plants, soils and interrelations between the two in different environments. "It is like watching a movie in four dimensions instead of 3D. Experiencing and feeling the myriad facets of the nature around me made me become an organic coffee farmer," the first officially certified organic coffee grower in Panama. While studying coffee economics and marketing, Graciano developed, with the help of many friends, a coffee concept that begins at the end of the client’s discerning palates and ends at the coffee trees at his farms.

Boquete lies at the the base of Volcán Barú and enjoys a unique climate caused by the confluence of trade winds from the Caribbean to the north and the Pacific to the south. Barú is a young volcano in geological terms, and the resultant rich, fertile soil and elevations near 2000 meters above sea level create the ideal conditions for growing specialty coffee.

Boquete draws crowds for adventure tourism and birdwatching, but the town's main industry remains agriculture, especially coffee. Boquete has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest coffees in the world.

Cupping Notes:

Winner of "Best of Panama 2015" from the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama. This is the highest grade coffee I have ever tasted.  The sweetness is overt and floods the pallet. It has a confectionary sweetness that is quite unique and up front. The silky mouth feel is wonderful. While cupping this coffee I thought to myself, "It is not like any coffee I have ever tasted. It is not even like drinking coffee, but something else with a mild coffee taste." The natural processing method leaves a mild flavor but in no way overpowers the pallet. The caffeine content is low and gives just a mild lift after a cup. This coffee is the kind of coffee that I can drink several cups of per day and continually enjoy each cup.