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Organic Shade Grown Peru - 12oz Bag
New lot vastly different
Andrew Stafford
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This new lot is not the same temperament as the last. Very dark bean, very little chaff, but difficult to roast properly. Difficult to hear FC and the beans darken very early, I’ve been ending up with either over-dark or underdeveloped.
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Oooh, that's smoooooth...
My Dad turned me on to this rich, smooth bean with a hint of fruity sweetness and it as been my GO TO brew for over the past 7 years. Just goes to show: listen to your elders; they know a few things... at least about questions of good coffee!
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Almost too good to be true
This is a nice coffee. Roasted some in a pan and some in the Gene Café. Seems to carryover easily so I am finding pulling it off heat a bit early is best for me. I like a medium or First Crack roast.
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Coffee snob
I thought Sumatran was the only coffee for me until I tried this Peruvian. Smooth, flavorful, almost chocolaty. Absolutely love it.
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A standout
Verified Buyer
This coffee really stands out. Taste is distinctive. Smooth and clean.
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Excellent quality and price
Mikal Young
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I am not a typical coffee aficionado, but I love this coffee. It is richly flavorful and smells great. And the price fits my budget so I don't have to buy "store" coffee any more.
Thank you for the great feedback Mikal!
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Organic Shade Grown Peru - 12oz Bag



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Cupping Notes: Sweet, dark chocolate, clean, floral, nice finish, lightly acidic, smooth body

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