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Organic Shade Grown Peru - 12oz Bag
Oooh, that's smoooooth...
My Dad turned me on to this rich, smooth bean with a hint of fruity sweetness and it as been my GO TO brew for over the past 7 years. Just goes to show: listen to your elders; they know a few things... at least about questions of good coffee!
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Almost too good to be true
This is a nice coffee. Roasted some in a pan and some in the Gene Café. Seems to carryover easily so I am finding pulling it off heat a bit early is best for me. I like a medium or First Crack roast.
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Coffee snob
I thought Sumatran was the only coffee for me until I tried this Peruvian. Smooth, flavorful, almost chocolaty. Absolutely love it.
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A standout
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This coffee really stands out. Taste is distinctive. Smooth and clean.
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Excellent quality and price
Mikal Young
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I am not a typical coffee aficionado, but I love this coffee. It is richly flavorful and smells great. And the price fits my budget so I don't have to buy "store" coffee any more.
Thank you for the great feedback Mikal!
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Organic Shade Grown Peru - 12oz Bag



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Cupping Notes: Sweet, dark chocolate, clean, floral, nice finish, lightly acidic, smooth body

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