Panama Bambito - 12oz Bag
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Panama Bambito - 12oz Bag



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Coffee Details

Location: Panama

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1,800 Meters

Varietal: Catura, Catuai, Typica

Grade: 88

Region: Vocan Baru

Cupping Notes: Floral, chocolate, roasted nuts and raspberry

Product Description


Rafael Amar did a wonderful job this year, producing this coffee. The natural sweetness and flavors are exceptional.

Located in the Vocan Baru area of Panama between two national forest parks, Bambito Estate is crossed by two mountain ridges from East to West. These ridges protect the coffee trees from the summer north winds. The north part of the estate, has less solar exposure, more shade and humidity and consistently produces top quality coffee. This lot came from the north part of the estate.

In 2006 in the Best of Panama Specialty Coffee Cupping competition a Bambito coffee took 2nd place, establishing Bambito Estate as one of the top coffee producers in Panama.

Floral, chocolate, roasted nuts and raspberry. Score: 88