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Premium Organic Decaf Colombian Spring Water Process - 12oz Bag
New Decaf Favorite
A quality decaf coffee used to be a scarce commodity. Mt. Whitney Decaf coffees are rich and full bodied, smell great while brewing. Pure coffee goodness, roasted in one of my favorite places on the planet!
We're pleased to know that you enjoy our coffee and very much appreciate your review! :)
Jan of Almanor
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My search is over!
My friends called me a coffee snob because I was so particular about my coffee. The beans had to be fresh and whole, it had be brewed with a glass pour over and glass cup and with just the right temperature. For years I searched for a good organic, Swiss water processed decaf coffee and I have found it in the Columbian decaf! Thank you Mt. Whitney Roasters
Thanks for the review, Anna! We appreciate your business! :)
Anna. R.
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Fabulous Decaf
I've ordered two kinds of Mt Whitney Organic Decaf coffees, and they have both been fantastic. The flavor is rich, and you would never know that it's decaf. I only buy water process decaf, and for me the organic was not easy to find. I am so happy that I found this company, which offers wonderful, quality products, and is also a blessing to the world.
Laura Williams
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premium organic decaf columbian
This is by far the best decaf I've ever tasted. If you love the taste of coffee but don't want the caffeine, you won't be disappointed! Very smooth finish!
Thank-you for your kind words! Enjoy! :)
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We love it. We use the exspresso grind in our home latte'd never know it's decaf coff
It's hard to find a good decaf coffee, we love this one. The non-organic SWP decaf is just as good.
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Premium Organic Decaf Colombian Spring Water Process - 12oz Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Colombia

Process: Spring Water Decaf Process

Elevation: High Grown - 1,662m to 2,000m

Grade: 87

Region: Colombia

Cupping Notes: Sweet, clean, with a slight fig and raison background. Excellent decaf with a nice smooth finish.

Product Description


I heard about a decaf coffee that was scored 87 points, which is a very high Q grade score for a decaf.  I found the company that does the decaf process and I asked for a sample.  When I cupped it, I was blown away.  It is by far the best decaf I have ever tasted.  Oh yes, I have found the best tasting decaf in the world!  One day I made a cup and was drinking it on the way to work.  I thought to myself, I am really enjoying this excellent coffee.  Then I realized that it was decaf that I was drinking.

The Spring Water method is the superior decaf process.  It removes 99.9% of caffeine by using only clear pure water from Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico.  The green coffee is immersed in water to extract the caffeine and then the water is filtered to remove the caffeine.  Because this method removes the oils and flavors from the coffee, the coffee is then soaked in the filtered water to reabsorb its flavor profiles, creating the best tasting, clean, crisp, decaf coffee on the planet.