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Organic French Roast - 5lb Bag
French Roast Is The Best Coffee Ever!
David H Hurt
Verified Buyer
I've been a coffee drinker for over 60 years now and I have finally found my "perfect" coffee. I love the flavor. The price is reasonable, the shipping is fast and Jan in customer relations was a lot of help finding the correct grind for my coffee maker.
We're pleased that you were able to find your coffee of choice! Thank-you for your review! :)
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Ms. Coffee
Verified Buyer
The french roast is the best we have tried for years and around the world! Also, we appreciate the reasonable price!
We appreciate your honest review! :)
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Teresa Delmy Safie
This is hands down my favorite coffee so far! It has the perfect level of acidity, robust flavor and I can never get enough of it!
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Organic French Roast - 5lb Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Blend of Latin America

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1400 Meters

Region: Latin America

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Product Description


Our French roast is a blend of the finest Latin American coffees, roasted dark to bring out the bold smoky overtones. Dark chocolate, brown sugar in a heavy powerful body. Brew up these dark glistening beans to produce the most complex intense cup you have ever tasted.