Colombia Finca El Mirador Pink Bourbon - 2lb Bag
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Colombia Finca El Mirador Pink Bourbon - 2lb Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Southwest Colombia

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1853m

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Grade: 88.5

Region: Huila Palestina Municipality

Cupping Notes: Apple, citrus acidity, creamy body, delicate clean, floral, honey, malic acidity, maple syrup, sweet tropical fruits.

Product Description

Finca El Mirador is owned by Mrs. Maria Eugenia Ramirez and located in Vereda (Village) Montelivano, in the Palestina Municipality, Huila Department, which is itself situated in the southwest of the country in the Andean region.  The area is absolutely beautiful, with breathtaking landscapes, bubbling hot springs, and stunning coffee mountain vistas that draw in tourists and daydreamers alike!

Huila coffee is characterized by sweet notes, good acidity, and intense fragrance, with its cup profiles being derived from climactic, geographic and soil factors in the region.  Huila coffee is one of the most recognized regional coffees in Colombia for its consistency in the cup throughout the year.

I am a big fan of the varietal Bourbon and this is the first Pink Bourbon that we've ever offered. I have been drinking it every morning for two weeks straight now.  It truly is an incredible coffee!  Why not try it for yourself?