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Organic French Roast - 2lb Bag
French Roast Mellow
First time purchase and we couldn’t be happier. My wife would be a hawk of bitter coffee and I end up edgy from new coffee sources. After 3-4 8 oz cups a day is noooo problem and sleep like a baby at night. My wife and I both find the flavor perfectly balanced and not bitter no matter what the grind or amount. Just purchased another 2.5 lb bag.
We're glad you like our coffee and appreciate your review! :)
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Organic French Roast - 2lb Bag



Coffee Details

Location: Blend of Latin America

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 1400 Meters

Region: Latin America

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Product Description


Our French roast is a blend of the finest Latin American coffees, roasted dark to bring out the bold smoky overtones. Dark chocolate, brown sugar in a heavy powerful body. Brew up these dark glistening beans to produce the most complex intense cup you have ever tasted.